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Our world seems to be increasingly negative and even with the push in recent years to promote positive thinking, we still need all the help we can get. It is difficult to walk away after reading the newspaper or watching the news and think this is a great world. Life is like a rollercoaster and it is important to be able to apply the same positive outlook when things are up as when they are down. Optimism can enhance your mental and physical health, not to mention your social life. Who would you rather be around-Debbie Downer or Polly Positive? We provide an easy step-by-step approach to positive thinking along with additional resources to help people achieve the level of peace and happiness they long for.

Positive Thinking
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About the website itself: you might be wondering what the hell happened? Did the design people lose their mind? Yes and no (they are all a bit crazy). The theory behind the array of colors is that color has a psychological effect on people. We really couldn’t be promoting positive thinking with a dismal gray, now could we? It would be like saying, “I’m doing great!” and frowning. As you view our site you should find the green calming and pleasing to the senses. Yellow is associated with happiness and laughter and orange is tied to fun times. The colors were picked and combined to help you feel good and promote positive thinking. Yes, we’ve thought of everything!

Enjoy your visit, pursue positive thinking and SMILE.