Dealing with Difficult People

Dealing with A-Holes

We can’t get through life without running into those people that seem to think the world revolves around them and they are so much better than us. Wouldn’t it be grand if everyone followed the rules and were courteous with one another? It is nice to dream but we all know it will never happen. Obviously we all make mistakes but is it necessary to have rude people cut you off in traffic and act like it was your fault just because you were there first? What about the Dr’s office receptionist who’s quick to cancel your appointment because you were 5 minutes late yet has no problem holding you 20 minutes acting like your time is less important? Nevertheless we all deal with an A-hole from time to time and instead of letting them take control of our feelings we should keep the day on track. Here’s how:

Remember when you let others influence your feelings you are giving them control, you are the victim. Often times, it isn’t worth getting upset and speeding up to flip off the asshole that cut you off – it isn’t going to make you feel any better. It can be tough to take the high road and let things slide but in the end it feels so much better.

Remind yourself of your goal to stay positive; you don’t want to get to your destination pissed off or treat the next person you meet poorly. When we get to work in the morning we want to start the day on a good note. When we get home at the end of the day we want to embrace our family with love. When we get to the check stand at the grocery store we want to be respectful. Don’t ruin someone else’s day just because someone tried to piss on yours.

There are rude people everywhere, sadly many don’t even realize how their behavior affects others because to them the world revolves around them. Someday they will get a dose of reality but that’s not for you and I to worry about. We only have control of ourselves.

The next time you find your patience tested take a minute; take a deep breath, take another, smile and treat it as a fart in the wind. Here one second gone the next.

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