Robbing 101

What Every Robber Should Know

Making a quick escape is any thiefs hope and most never really worry about opening a door but then maybe they should.

There are many things life teaches and one of them has always been if a door doesn’t open when you push it then you need to pull it. It must happen more than we think; in the year 2000 the movie Snatch was released and it showed a couple of robbers who could not execute their escape because they were unable to maneuver a door which required pulling upon exiting. Frustrated, exhausted and pissed they finally give up, remove their masks and plop down on the ground. Eventually a customer walks easily in from the outside by pushing it. Not the brightest of criminals but then again not many are. However, good for a laugh or two.

Now enter the real life story of James Allen who’s, 2012, crime spree was cut short because he was unable to open a door after robbing a store. Eventually, he too got frustrated, pissed and removed his mask to reveal his true identity to the cameras. It wasn’t until he demanded someone to open the door for him that he made his escape only to be picked up by law enforcement a few hours later.

For some strange reason the same door he likely entered would not let him exit with the loot. He must have never learned the life lesson of the push/pull door. I guess you could make a case that technology is not necessarily making life easier for all of us (automatic doors). Or it could have been the drugs…